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Thursday, May 25, 2006

How Very Touching

I would be lying if I said I do not follow trends. I do it all the time, because that how you learn. When all the rangers were on a trap spreading frenzy, I learned to lay traps. When the power of interrupt attacks was discovered, I was there with my punishing, dual shot technique. And when barragers were so sought after following the fall of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, I started slinging arrows with the best of them.

It should be no surprise to you, then, that I have learned the secrets of vampirism from my necromancer friend, Fel Drake. It's not the blood sucking, neck biting thing you might imagine. The technique is simple: focus your energy, direct it at your target with a touch, and draw his life force into yourself. It turns out that my ranger training makes me particularly apt at the focusing of energy part. And though my knowledge of hemomancy will never match that of a true necromancer, but you might be surprised how effective I can be.

You may be thinking to yourself, "How can I ever face this master and expect to survive?" There is nothing for you to worry about. Time has proven that even with these new secrets, I am not invulnerable. Or as one opponent recently explained, "LoL @ touch". (It's like we're from different worlds sometimes.)

No, my dabbling in the vampiric arts will not shake the very foundations of the world. What it is is darn fun.


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