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Friday, May 26, 2006

On Killing Charr

It was not long in my career as a ranger that I discovered a knack for slaying monsters. It is a dangerous world out there. You would not believe the beasts I seen, of the animal or human sort. But above all, I love killing Charr. Should you accuse me of taking the Searing personally, I would not argue with you. Charr are filthy, brutish, odious, odorous, maladjusted, misshapen mounds of fur and teeth. The only good Charr is a dead Charr. The only redeeming quality of a living Charr is the cute little carvings they make. They're nice to find on their newly deceased corpses.

When I first entered the Academy, Charr seemed pretty quite fearsome. Mostly that's because no matter how proficient I proved myself, the armorers of Ascalon were more interested in fashion than actual protection. It is hard to defend yourself when your armor won't even deflect small pebbles. I was reduced to trading trinkets with local crafters for armor that turned out to be a slightly more rigid version of my original leathers. And people wonder why we were outmatched.

Nowadays, facing the Charr is almost laughable. I can run through the Breach without fear that the beasts will even touch me. Even when I wearing that pervert Karl's druid armor. And it's almost laughable how fast the mindless hordes drop when you shoot them. Maybe even cruel. That's not going to stop me, though.

So if you have trouble finding me, chances are I'm running through the hills of old Ascalon, meting out a just punishment and collecting as many carvings as I can carry.


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