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Monday, May 29, 2006

A Defense of the -Way Nomenclature

This is going to drift dangerously close to esoterica. I will excuse you if you don't make it all the way through this entry.

Everywhere one looks, someone is proclaiming that they have developed the new IWAY. Then they muck it up by naming their build after the primary gimmick and adding a -way at the end. There have been builds like Flareway, Touchway, and the late, lamentable Henchway. This drives many people crazy. However, I feel this is useful for those heroes who stalk the Zaishan islands for a number of reason.

First, this naming convention gives respect to the original, anyone-can-do-it build. The creator acknowledges that the new build is just trying to duplicate the ease with which IWAY is played.

Second, new jargon in the competitive arenas indicates a growth of complexity. A more complex arena is a more interesting arena. And that means happier competitors.

Third, and best of all, when a new build comes along that is so good that it blows IWAY away, they won't name it after IWAY. That's how'll know the competitive revolution has arrived.


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