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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Most Beautiful Place in All Ascalon

That was a long day. I had barely been at the Academy an hour before Artemis asked for help with the river skale problem. The beasts had become more aggressive as their colony expanded and I had to put down their queen. I know it sounds easy, but killing so many skales took a lot out of me. (This was in the days before I could run the length of Tyria without stopping. And in bare feet!)

I found my way to the hillside overlooking Ashford Village, looking for a place to rest. A rabbit scurried away as I climbed. I reached the top and looked out on the pastoral valley below me. Then around the bend, I came upon the most magnificent waterfall I've seen. It is not the largest, by any means. But alone in that place, I felt like it was all mine.


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