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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fort Aspenwood, As Long As I'm Complaining

The Luxons can have it. It's not like the Kurzicks have any interest in holding the place. Have you seen the defenses there? Each gate is guarded by three men. Three! If the gate was made of iron or steel, or maybe that stone they have so much of, three might be sufficient. But no, the gates are made of glass. It only takes the Luxons one shot from a siege turtle cannon and the gate crashes down. Doesn't that seem like the best place to develop the ultimate weapon?

I guess Count zu Heltzer is not a complete moron as he seems to know that something is amiss at Aspenwood. He is so worried about the situation that he is asking literally everyone he talks to for help defending the fort. And by asking everyone, you get the expected results. The reinforcements I've met are varyingly self-interested, confused, or completely uncooperative. When the Luxons press their attack, some panic and run around without any inclination as to how to defend the gates. Some charge the enemy forces maniacally and usually die in an ignoble fashion. Some just hide in the fortress and collect their pay from the survivors.

And yet, the Kurzicks always refortify, begin construction on Gods' Vengeance, and pray to their silent deities that someone who is not an idiot will deliver them from the Luxons. If I was Count zu Heltzer, I think I'd invest in stronger gates instead.


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