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Monday, June 05, 2006

My Favorite Bows: Drago's Flat Bow

Have I made it any secret that I love bows of all shapes and sizes? Each bow is unique and each has its own quirks and quibbles. But there is not one bow that I've owned that I could not find a place for in my life. However some bows have proven to be more useful than others. And of all my bows, this one may be the one that has held my attention the longest.

Drago Stoneherder is one of the least friendly dwarves you might have the misfortune to meet. That's saying something considering the whole of the Stone Summit. Dagnar Stonepate might have been a real jerk, miscreant, and attempted regicide, but he was no Drago. I heard a tale about a group of dredge who were so fed up with Stoneherder's ill temper that they burrowed to the other side of the world. I haven't seen the hole, but that would explain a lot.

So although there isn't much to say kindly about Drago, he did know his bows. The flat bow itself is massive. I haven't compared them side-by-side, but it looks to be taller than my little sister. If you think that's big, remember that I don't call her my little sister because she's younger than me. She's tiny. But the bow is still huge.

It's that massiveness that make it so powerful. And arrow fired by the bow can punch through just about anything. There was a warrior once who seemed intent on chasing me clear across Fort Koga until I punched him full of holes. And he had been so proud of his armor too.

Of course, now I hear the Drago as devised an even more powerful weapon. I guess he felt lonely after I took this one away. Some dwarves never learn.


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