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Monday, September 11, 2006

In The Meantime

Everything is at a low simmer here in Cantha. The celebratory feeling that arose after our defeat of Shiro Tagachi has dissipated and everyone is uneasy. It's like everyone is waiting for the next big cataclysm to arrive. I find myself discomfited by this prolonged peace. To stove off the ennui, I found a pair of assassin's blades and practice some of their deadly arts. It was mildly diverting for a while.

I hear word from my little sister that she has taken to stripping down to her small clothes and luring Shiverpeak Mountain Trolls to a surprising demise. She writes that she is under the protection of the gods and thus has nothing to fear, even should she proceed completely undressed. I think she's tempting the gods to prove a lesson to her one of these days. Considering how seldom they turn their favor onto our world, I am quite certain of their capricious nature.

And just recently one of my guild mates, Jaxvier of Alsgoth, has left our hall to form his own guild. The Starlight Coven is still an ally of the Brotherhood of Stone, but it is one more sign that people are on edge and creating challenges when none present themselves.


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