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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Slacking Off For Personal Gain

As of late, the Luxon Armada has been making a concerted effort to push into the Echovald Forest. Primarily their focus has been on Durheim Archives. They seem less than interested in exploiting the accumulated knowledge of the scholars there, though some of the seafaring barbarians could clearly use the education. Instead, the goal is just to keep the battle lines of the conflict away from the Harvest Temple and their new jade mining operations there.

The Kurzicks, of course, go into a panic when the ancestral home of one of their noble families is overrun by landlocked pirates. That's when I usually drag myself to the front to push back the overextended Luxons. Count zu Heltzer is always so overjoyed that my standing grows considerably in his eyes, never mind the fact that I can't be bothered to stand watch at Saltspray Beach and prevent the invasion in the first place.

In my increasingly mercenary mind, there is no percentage in holding or pushing the battle into Luxon territory. As interesting as capturing one of their outposts might be, it would only encourage them to strike back and drive us out again. And Count zu Heltzer doesn't reward failure. So my theory is this: if it is more personally advantageous to easily win back territory than to take territory with much greater difficulty, then maybe it's better to let the Luxons has Durheim Archives once in a while so I can play the hero.


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