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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Price Of Our Hubris

It was just after my formal acceptance to the Ascalon Academy that the Charr made their apocalyptic assault on the kingdom. There were many signs of activity recently among the beasts. I had been sent into the catacombs to discover how they were crossing under the wall. And I went to the northlands to assess their positions. But there was no warning for what would eventually befall us.

So here I am two years later, standing in the ruins of Old Ascalon. Prince Rurik had me running all over the lands, lending support where I could. But I was never able to do enough. The Charr kept coming and my friends kept dying.

The first sign that something might change occurred when Zain, the ambassador from Kryta, arrived outside the city. He and Rurik discussed Kryta offering of help to push back the Charr, but King Adelbern would hear nothing of it. Distrust between the two nations still ran deep, even in the face of total annihilation. And the rift between Rurik and the king signaled greater problems to come.

Even in the face of all this, I was finally coming into my own. People had things that needed done and they turned to me for help. I learned a number of new skills including my first ritual to summon a nature spirit to guide my arrows. It was a heady and confusing time, and I loved it and hated it all the same.


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