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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Into The Breach

One of my favorite places in Ascalon now is an area beyond the Northern Wall that everyone refers to as the Breach. It's not a particularly attractive place since it is as blasted and ruined as any place in the kingdom. There is even a river of tar flowing through it. No, the reason I am drawn to the Breach is that the area has an irresistible pull on those Charr looking to hunt my fellow citizens.

Even a few years after the Searing, the Charr see this as the primary staging area for their continued assaults. They are held in check only through the persistence of Duke Barradin and his Vanguard, based in Piken Square. And the occasional hero, such as myself.

I see the Breach as a personal challenge. An awful great number of Charr wander the area and I want to see how fast I can kill them all. Sometimes I want to see how many carvings I can loot from their corpses. And sometimes, I want to remind them that they may have bloodied the kingdom, but they have not beaten us.

So particular fun, there is a deep depression south of Piken where many Charr tend to congregate. I like to stand on the rim and rain arrows on the beasts. Oh, good times.


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