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Friday, June 16, 2006

Birth of the Brotherhood

Almost immediately after our foray from Fort Ranik to drive the Charr back across the northern wall, I found myself in the company of a young mesmer by the name Lord Lodi Dodi. While the veracity his nobility may have been dubious at best, there was nothing about his character that one would find less than worthy. This illustration is of the two of us in the ruins of Ascalon, though the non-descript scenery does not remind me exactly where. You can also see me in my new set of Corwen's finest fur-lined armor. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a good source of fur in that wasteland.

So close was the bond between Lodi and I that we decided to form a guild of our own and declare ourselves a force for good in the world. Also, we really wanted a nice cape. We spent over an hour with Nolan of Ascalon City deciding on the right mix of colors, shapes, styles, and emblems. We settled on a field of light and dark blues with a crossed rose and saber emblem in silver.

If there was one point of friction between Lodi and I, it was his youthful sense of humor. By youthful, I mean stupid. I'm not all that old, but people have commented on my maturity. Lodi wanted to name the guild the Terrible Unit of Red Deathdealers or the Crimson Union of Noted Travelers, knowing that Baron Egan would register our guild with an official abbreviation. On top of that, our cape wasn't even red!

Thank goodness I was able to convince him to accept our current name, the Brotherhood of Stone, though I did not inform him that the abbreviation entered would be "tBoS." Thus, the Brotherhood was born.


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