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Monday, June 19, 2006

The Dark Side Of Adventuring

I am going to share with you the deepest, darkest secret of adventuring. Your life is not in jeopardy for knowing this, so don't shy away. However, your delusions are about to be shattered.

Adventuring is all about getting rich.

No one adventures out of some heroic purpose anymore. No one is looking for the thrill in defeating a foe. No one wants to lend a helping hand. Unless your hand is clutching a fist full of gold. That is what it takes get some attention from an adventurer.

I wish I could say that I'm above that, but no. I just spent about a half hour this past weekend in the open market at Lion's Arch to sell a Zodiac Longbow my little sister found. She was too busy keeping other treasure hunters alive in Urgoz's Warren to do it herself. I might have kept the bow for myself if Drago hadn't coughed up his newest flat bow. Someone gave me 40 platinum and a perfunctory "ty man" for the bow, which I'm assured will go directly to our cousin, Echo. Giygas of Vasburg Armory is going to give her a deal on a new enchanter's outfit. It didn't sound like a good deal to me, but we do owe her the money.

At least I can say I've saved the world between all these financial transactions. Twice, even.


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