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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Highs Are High, But The Lows...

Prince Rurik is not one to plot, plan, or worry about a situation. When some wrong comes to his attention, he will do what it takes to correct it without hesitation. When he discovered that soldiers where being held captive, he charged out into the ruins of Surmia to save them. When he saw the Charr defiling his childhood home of Drascir, he went to drive them out. And when, in those ruins, we came across Stormcaller, the mouthpiece of the great horn of King Doric, we knew he would next lead us to Rin.

We struck out from Nolani, devastating the forces besieging the academy, and crossed over the wall into the fallen capital. Rurik blew the mighty call and the heavens opened up, like tears from the gods for our wasted country. The Charr panicked and we fell upon them with our fury. In the end, even the Charr general, Bonfaaz Burntfur, fell to my arrows. The enemy was driven back and the tide of war had turned.

But the prince is not one to plot, plan, or worry about a situation. When the king returned to his capital, Rurik demanded that we lead the Ascalon people to the protection of Kryta. As before, Adelbern refused to seek help from the age-old enemy. So at the moment of our greatest victory, Rurik was cast out of the kingdom and we had only to follow.


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