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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Into The Shiverpeaks

Yak's Bend is exactly what it sounds like: there is a bend in the road and there are yaks. It might not be much more than a wide spot on the path, but I always felt welcomed upon returning to the camp.

After fleeing from the desperate situation in Ascalon, Rurik led a number of survivors into the Shiverpeaks and right into a conflict between the Deldrimor and Stone Summit dwarves. I guess the Krytan ambassador forgot to mention that another war was going on to our west. So it fell to me and my companions to clear the way for the refugees to cross over the pass. The xenophobic Stone Summit had heavy patrols ranging to keep us out of their domain. I'm not sure how many dwarves we killed, but I did make a tidy sum selling their armor for scrap.

We ran into a group of besieged refugees that, if I'd known what was to come, I would have left to their fates. Their leader, Elsa Alston, pleaded for our assistance in leading them to safety and I said that we would. But every time we had to sneak past a Stone Summit patrol, the refugees would charge into battle yelling, "Help me! Please help me!" I can only suspect insanity on their parts.

After a number forays into Traveler's Vale, it was time for us to lead the way through Borlis Pass and onto the Frost Gate. Little did we foresee the new tragedy that would befall us.


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