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Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Brief Encounter With The Elonians

I wasn't sleeping well last weekend, so I climbed the tallest tower here at the Brotherhood of Stone guild hall to take some air. As I scanned the horizon, hoping to calm my overly active mind, I instead found strange sails approaching the islands. The ships carried warriors from a distant land I heard of once before: Elona.

I hope you'll understand how shocked I was to discover their origin. The only Elonians I had meet before were the ghosts, long deceased, who guided my Ascension in the Crystal Desert. I had assumed that all the Elonians died in that desert, but I guess I just wasn't paying that much attention.

There were two types of fighter among their number: scythe-wielding dervishes and spear-brandishing paragons. The dervishes seemed to be masters of dealing damage on all sides with either their weapon or with devastating enchantments. They also could call upon the power of the gods and assume the form of their avatars. The paragons, on the other hand, used their natural leadership abilities to exhort their companions to greater deeds. I even tried my hand with the spear to some effect.

Battle-hardened arena champions had much difficulty in facing these new opponents during the short time they were here. I suspect the fight will more even when the Elonians return to these lands.

One final note: they didn't explain why Elona was suddenly interested in sending fighters to the Battle Isles. Like Cantha before them, it probably means that ships will be making their way to that far continent as well. I'm looking forward to exploring a new land.

But if have to save the world again, I'm going to be pissed.


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