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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

An Insight in Elona

I've hinted in the past that my grandfather was quite prolific in expanding the Lanfier clan through many lands. It's an amusing story and everyone agrees that the old man got around in his youth. But this weekend, I receive news from distant Elona that confirms a long held suspicion of mine. There is something greater than a randy wanderer at work.

Anywhere I've been in the world, I hear whispers of another woman of the Lanfier clan. She has been referred to varyingly as a warrior, an elementalist, a ranger, and more. Her features are always different, even of different race. But every time, she is regal of stature with long gray hair. And every time she calls herself Tyria.

She has been seen most often in the Zaishen arenas. She appeared briefly in Droknar's Forge, but disappeared without a trace. When I arrived in House zu Heltzer, I was told she travelled extensively throughout the Kurzick homeland.

This weekend, Tyria was seen again in Istan. She was seen fighting with the Order of the Sunspears, this time as a paragon. When Elona finally lifts the restriction on travel to that land, I will not be surprised to find a number of Lanfiers have taken up the adventuring life. Not because my grandfather's lack of self control, but because Tyria has inspired those women to be like her.


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