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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Down In The Dark Places

It was a shock going from the blasted Ascalon of my youth into the snow-capped Shiverpeaks. But it was exhilarating to explore a land that seemed only a distant horizon for so long. There were a number of sights I will never forget.

Out in the frozen wastes of Anvil Rock is a small outpost cunningly hidden in the mountainside. I came upon Ice Tooth Cave from the east. My companions and I stood high above that entrance taking in the view without knowing what was just beneath our feet. The cave itself has a transitory population, with only a couple merchant and the ubiquitous agent of the Xunlai as permenant residents. But having arrived at Ice Tooth Cave, I became a member of that informal cadre of true adventurers. It was there I learned of the lost temple of Balthazar in the distant Maguuma, another destination for the daring.

I spent a lot of time running to and fro through what the dwarves call Iron Horse Mine in the spirit of cooperation between our peoples. I was asked to assist a Deldrimor scout by the name of Rangil Ironbow with his one-dwarf skirmish with the Snow Summit. In truth, I did the dirty work while he sat in the safety of Traveler's Vale. But since helping my people meant helping the dwarves, I bit my tongue and did what I was told.

Grooble's Gulch stands in the middle of Borlis Pass, the route through which we lead the refugee to Kryta. We did not rest there long as there was a growing desire to take the Frost Gate and escape the cold and snow. Maybe we should have stayed to rally our forces first, or maybe beg greater assistance from the dwarves. Maybe I could have done something that would have saved our good prince, Rurik.


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