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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rumors of Istani Rangers

A learned sage once remarked that the only true power is knowledge and I believe him. So I spend hours consulting the great library of Wiki so that I might learn all that I can about the world. Wiki is so vast that I doubt I will read all it contains. But there are certain sections I am drawn to time and again. More specifically, I study the abilities of rangers from around the world.

One day recent, Wiki received an influx of documents related to Elona. Most likely the came along with the loosening of trade restrictions with that distant shore. I, along with many others, rushed to survey these new scrolls. And while the others read and moved on, I fell in love.

Somewhere in Elona, there is a ranger who has learned how to fire an arrow with such velocity that it literally burst the eardrums of the target. They call it the screaming shot. I feel a little warm just thinking about it again.

So yes, some magnificent evil will probably reveal itself just as I set foot on the Istani shore. I'll have to gather heroes and henchment together to drive it from the land with little or no reward. But I must learn that skill.


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