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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Intrigue and Subterfuge

It has been too long since I've had the time to make note of my experiences. So much has happened in so little time that I barely have recollection of all that I have done. Even now there is so much I have to do that I have trouble justifying even this pause to inscribe my thoughts. But it is easy to disappear among the thieves and con-men that populate Honur Hill and take the time for reflection.

It seems that Elona is a land made for scheming and much as it is for warring. Recently a centaur called Zhed Shadowhoof infiltrated our sanctuary and threatened to betray us all to Varesh Ossa. To prevent this, he required my help in rescuing his brethren from enslavement. As I would have undertaken the commission voluntarily if he had just asked, I was annoyed by his temerity. But my displeasure was not such that would keep me from helping the centaurs and striking another blow against the Kornans. And afterward, Zhed dedicated himself to my service to insure his peoples continued safety.

Not long after recovering Koss from Kournan hands, I came into contact with the most mercenary corsair in Elona, Margrid the Sly. She has been instrumental in spiriting my Sunspears past Kourna's navy to Istan as well as helping invade the fortress of Gandara. I was inclined to a direct assault upon discovering that Spearmarshal Kormir was held in the prison there, but Margrid persuaded me that a more subtle plan was called for. She help me waylay an Kournan patrol for its armor and we snuck into the fortress in disguise. With daring and luck, we freed Kormir and fled the fortress with corsair assistance.

And now I find myself in Vabbi, seeking assistance from the princes here. I made little impression on them at the Festival of Lyss. I guess saving the world twice isn't enough to impress some people. However, Prince Bokka invited me to view a new play in his amphitheatre, so I readily accepted hoping to secure his backing. The play, it turns out, is the story of Rurik and his flight from Ascalon. And beyond that, it was staged by Kournans who staged the event to capture me. Did they choose that production because of my involvement in those events? There are wheels turning within wheels in this country and I am ill-suited for diplomacy.

Olias is glowering at the Xunlai again, so I must move on. Everyone here is too lively for his tastes.


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