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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Solitude and Desolation

My journey to Vabbi was in vain. Seemingly the instant I gained the princes backing to fight the Kournans, Varesh Ossa's Nightfall was unleashed. Now I find myself trudging across the sulfur wastes, sometimes afoot, sometimes in the belly of a wurm. And all around me, the world grows darker.

I write now from the Bone Palace, the bastion of Palawa Joko and his undead minions. Is this what I've become, just another minion, knowing that not even death will keep me from this fight? Sometimes I wonder if the struggle is worth all the trouble. I just wanted to defend my family and my home. How many failures must I endure before I give in to the darkness. Ossa is somewhere in the wastes, but I am too tired to try anymore. Let the night come on. There are others who can take up the fight.


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